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Wedding | Megan and Jamie

They met while searching for a green tie.

I only heard part of the story from Jamie’s aunt- but the story is so romantic it needs repeating.  As I was told- Jamie was in search of a green tie to wear to a business meeting. While he was in a store buying this green tie his car just happened to get towed.  This occurred in Chicago.  Then while searching for his lost car he found his way into a bar.  This is how he met Megan- she just happened to be in the bar.  Thus the theme of their wedding day- “green ties”.  I think the green apples were a nice touch since they both enjoy them.

The wedding took place on a beautiful warm fall day in the Quest Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

This was taken in the beautiful downtown Hilton Hotel in Omaha where the wedding party got ready.
I love the reflection from the wine bottles in this image.
A very beautiful wedding dress. I found out during the day that Megan is also a photographer…. I could tell- she had wonderful ideas for photos.
The box the ring bearer used to bring down the wedding rings. He came up with this idea himself (much better than a pillow)

Megan had such wonderful bridesmaids—- they were so fun to spend the day with. This picture was taken as they used the walkway to get to the Quest Center from the Hilton.
You can see the green tie in this handsome picture of Jamie.
Such a beautiful bride.

These made me hungry- I also love apples.

Megan working it for the camera.

Another excited groom….  He could jump high..
We walked around the Old Market in Omaha. Megan found this spot for photos.

The best wedding cake I have ever had!

I have more to share later.  I had a photo booth set up at the dinner and dance and captured some FUN images.

Thanks Megan and Jamie for letting me be a part of your family for the day.

Megan - Lovely and amazing Angie!

Angie - Thanks Megan- I can’t wait to share more with you and your family and friends!!

Wedding | DeGroff

Jessica was so calm and relaxed on her wedding day. And as you can see radiated such natural beauty!  It was such a pleasure to take Mike and her photos on this special day. I want to give you just a little peak of some of my favorite photos.

Getting ready and not missing any details.

A simple and stunning wedding dress.
Stunning flowers.
I love how her daughter is peaking around her beautiful Mom and looking into the camera… adorable!
The handsome groom.
A wonderful wedding party that had all kinds of fun ideas for photos.
A beautiful church.
A very excited groom.

The perfect ending to the perfect day.

Sports Montages

I had a very productive weekend. On Saturday I was the photographer for a wedding (previews coming soon). And then Sunday I was able to catch up on some senior portrait work.  I had a request to make several sports montages for two local Ord High School students. I enjoy making these for families- they show how truly talented the kids are.

Senior | Nolan

Taking senior pictures in my home town has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  A disadvantage is that I think I put extra pressure on myself to make these kids look totally awesome. Especially since I see these kids almost every day. And my kids are friends with them. The advantage is I really know these kids.  I know their personalities, their hobbies and even who they date. And this helps me capture that special ‘something’ with my camera.

So taking a senior portrait of a local student it is almost like I am taking pictures of my own kids.  Without the attitude!

It makes me a little sad to think that in two years I will be taking pictures of my son. I sure hope he looks as good as Nolan! He really rocked this first photo (I captured that special ‘something’). Nolan is a star football player, basketball player and track athlete. And it does’t stop there- he can also sing and dance. He is a very talented young man and has been a very positive influence on the younger kids in school.   Good luck in your senior year Nolan.

This photo is one of my favorites of Nolan.
He has a great smile.
If those muscles don’t kill you the smile will do you in.
Nolan showing off his basketball skills.  After this picture he started juggling two basketballs and a football.

A great closeup of Nolan.
You better not mess with Nolan on the football field! NO FEAR!

Jen Hiebner - Angie you did such a great job with Nolan’s pictures! I love them and can’t wait to see all of them!