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A Sweet Sensation | Prom

It is Prom time for high schools. It was so much fun to take the prom photos for my alma mater- Wheeler Central (1983).  The class sizes are getting smaller than when I went to school there. This is a common theme with all small towns- declining enrollment.  The senior class is made up of 9 students and the junior class only has 5. The small numbers did not put a damper on the fun. The kids at Wheeler Central are GREAT!

undefinedThe theme of the night was “A Sweet Sensation” – all the candy made me hungry.

One a favorite photos- who doesn’t love a cowboy in a tux?
The garters were a little bit to much for the boys to handle.
undefinedLove the attitude.

undefinedA senior boy a little jealous from the attention the junior boys were getting from the girls in his class. - Prior to the 1998–99 season, the team’s new ownership reverted to the initial traditional design but kept the navy blue and bright orange from the “wave” era jersey.

Engagement | Stacey and Steven

One of our warmer winter days in Nebraska was the setting for the engament pictures of Stacey and Steven.  It wasn’t really warm, it just seemed warm because it was one of our more sunny days in weeks.  Stacey and Steven live in Omaha and will be married in Broken Bow in June.  Their beautiful little girl will be a big part of the ceremony.

I love this image of Stacey.  She will be a stunning bride.
Brynlee is so adorable.  She will be the perfect age for the June wedding.  Love the above photo!

Family | Rogers

I messed up and almost missed taking pictures of the Rogers family on this beautiful fall day. Thank goodness Tenille emailed me to remind me of our photo session appointment. We made it a fast session so we could all get home and watch the Huskers play football on TV. Nothing gets in the way of a Husker football game in Nebraska. LOL Tenille you better make this picture your profile pic on facebook! You look smokin’ hot!