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Wedding | Jaci and Jay

June 4th was a beautiful day for Jaci and Jay’s wedding.  I rolled in from my vacation in Cabo at 11:30pm on the 3rd – but I was all packed up and ready to take pictures before I had left for my vacation.  All I had to do was put the camera bags and studio lights in my car and I was ready to go over to Spalding for the wedding (I had double checked my list the week before).  I love the church in Spalding- it is full of big windows and a wonderful balcony to take pictures from.

The receptions was held in a big tent put up on the softball field in Ericson. It was full of friendly guests and family.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the couple.  I love how relaxed they look before the beginning of the big day.

undefinedJaci’s dress was so beautiful.
undefinedBright colors were perfect for the day.

undefinedA few of the details
A few tears were shed during the first look photos.
undefinedA wonderful moment captured when Jaci’s Dad and bridesmaids walked into the church while we were taking pictures.

undefinedOh how I love this look Jaci!

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedJay you rocked that tux!

undefinedWow Jaci!!!!!

undefinedThe perfect framing picture of Jay.

undefinedundefinedundefinedLove the sandhills of Nebraska- the perfect setting for this country girl.

undefinedundefinedThank you for letting me share this day with you.

Chris Olson - Angie, your pics of Jay/Jaci’s wedding are absolutely stunning and beautiful. You captured their personalities and love so perfectly and being an x-wedding photographer–I know that is NOT easy…
I can’t say enough how wonderful the photos all our—wonderful!!

Baby | Callan

I love, love, love seeing new parents with their first born child.  Little Callan is so precious. Her Mom and Dad are so proud of her.  I look at this first picture and my heart just melts.


This is one of my favorite images of the photo session.
Haley is such a beautiful Mother – I really like how she is looking into Callan eyes.

undefinedThe perfect proud Father moment!

Family | Caskey

Welcome Archer to the Caskey family. This was my first time meeting Dan and Emma and I have to say I feel in love with this family.  They are very nice people.  Dan works is a new Ord City Policeman.  And I sleep better at night knowing he is protecting my family and business in town.

As you can see Axton is a very proud big brother.undefinedEmma is such a beautiful mother.
This kid is simply adorable. I can’t wait to watch him grow up in Ord.  He looks like a future Chant Football player!
undefinedA great moment between Dad and Son.

Thanks for letting me take your picture!!  And welcome to Ord!

Prom | Ord High School

Since I have kids in the Ord Jr/Sr High School I now know all the kids.  I am so proud to have my kids in this school system.  The kids are great, the teachers are wonderful and the parents are very supportive and encouraging. The kids of Ord know how to have good honest FUN!  All the parents of Ord should be congratulated on how well they raised their kids! They were so wonderful the entire night.

undefinedThe 2011 graduating class will be greatly missed.  They have been wonderful role models for entire student body.
undefinedOur wonderful Queen and King. They are such nice kids.

I was so happy to see our new Prince and Princess crowned.

undefinedThe sophomore severs being total goofs.
undefinedCole- these girls are not only beautiful but they can both kick your butt in track!
undefinedOMG can you say “CUTE”!  Mollie is adorable in her dress.  Evan you also look great!
undefinedOrrin- these are the best looking cuff links you will ever wear.
undefinedAlways having a great time and working the crowd.
undefinedSadie – you were stunning in your gown. Love the matching tie Adam.
undefinedJohnny you are a stud in shot put – but I think Kaitlyn could give you a run for the money.
undefinedYes Devon- you are just to cool for words!
undefinedLove it when a women takes charge!
undefinedI think Kacia has this one under control.
undefinedNow Cole – you can’t kidnap your date.
undefinedThe best coordinated outfits of the night.
undefinedOh Mackenzie- I LOVE this dress! It is so you.
undefinedI can’t say how much I love these girls. They are best role models for younger girls.
undefinedCourtney your eyes just sparkle! But I think Johnny is a little confused in the back.
undefinedNow Johnny and Cole – what are you doing with that giant pearl?
undefinedHummmmmm – I think I was just saying you are good kids!
undefinedNot sure what to say about this picture.  LOL

Engagement | Nicole and Mark

We had a little bit of a bad boy theme going on this engagement session- it was full of guitar and motorcycle pictures.  But there is nothing “bad boy” about Mark and Nicole.  They are two of the nicest and most genuine people I know.  Nicole is from the town I live in now and Mark is from my home town of Bartlett.  We have a lot in common – and I really can’t wait for their wedding in October 2011.

undefinedNicole is the easiest person to take pictures of – her smile is so warm and natural.
undefinedI love the vintage style of her engagement ring.
undefinedMark is teaching Nicole to play the guitar. I hope he plays for her at the wedding!
undefinedThis is just a great natural relaxed picture of Mark.
undefinedReady to ride.
undefinedMy favorite color is chrome.

undefinedI just love this picture. The beginning of spring in Nebraska.
undefinedThe wide open roads of Nebraska.

undefinedReady to get married.