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Senior | Sam

Sam rocked on this photo shoot. She really knows how to work the camera. Although she does not own any high heels- I know this because she laughed at me when I asked her to bring some along. LOL   I especially love the picture of her in her Michael Jordan outfit. She has a great mean basketball look.:)You would have never guessed by these pictures that is was 95degrees out. She didn’t even break into a sweat- unlike me.

I have known Sam a long time and it was an honor to be able to take her senior photos.

Senior | AJ

AJ started out my senior season for 2011. I have known AJ her entire life- I remember the day she was born and her Mom (Kris) and Dad (Thad) bringing her over to see us when she was not even a week old. My husband and I had been married for six years and we were just starting to think about having a family. I remember looking at her and wondering how I could ever take care of something so small and breakable.  But after seeing the love in Kris and Thad’s eyes I knew we could do it. Two years later we had our first son- Cole.

AJ was always a natural athlete. And she is on the varsity basketball team and has been a state track qualifier for the last 2 years.  She medaled in the 300meter hurdles her junior year. Her Dad would be so proud of her. I remember Thad bragging about her qualifying for the state track meet her sophomore year- only several weeks before he was killed in a horrible car wreck.

AJ’s sisters- Marti and Jaelyn helped with the pictures. She also brought along her Grandma, cousin Kate, Mom and two beautiful friends. I had such a wonderful time with them. My daughter Cora played with Kate and Marti as Jealyn played photographer and took pictures.:)

Senior | Senior Session Albums now Available

“Session Album”.  Pick 10 to 20 of your favorite images and have them in a very nice, elegant book.

I have a 4 x 5 black leather offering that holds 10 of your favorite images. And, I offer an 8 x 12 (vintage black and white) book that holds 20 images. The 8 x 12 is  my absolute favorite size.  So, when you can’t decide which pictures to get, this is an awesome way for you to grab up your favorites and have them in a beautiful keepsake book.

Samples will be available in the studio for your review.