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Prom | Ord High School

Since I have kids in the Ord Jr/Sr High School I now know all the kids.  I am so proud to have my kids in this school system.  The kids are great, the teachers are wonderful and the parents are very supportive and encouraging. The kids of Ord know how to have good honest FUN!  All the parents of Ord should be congratulated on how well they raised their kids! They were so wonderful the entire night.

undefinedThe 2011 graduating class will be greatly missed.  They have been wonderful role models for entire student body.
undefinedOur wonderful Queen and King. They are such nice kids.

I was so happy to see our new Prince and Princess crowned.

undefinedThe sophomore severs being total goofs.
undefinedCole- these girls are not only beautiful but they can both kick your butt in track!
undefinedOMG can you say “CUTE”!  Mollie is adorable in her dress.  Evan you also look great!
undefinedOrrin- these are the best looking cuff links you will ever wear.
undefinedAlways having a great time and working the crowd.
undefinedSadie – you were stunning in your gown. Love the matching tie Adam.
undefinedJohnny you are a stud in shot put – but I think Kaitlyn could give you a run for the money.
undefinedYes Devon- you are just to cool for words!
undefinedLove it when a women takes charge!
undefinedI think Kacia has this one under control.
undefinedNow Cole – you can’t kidnap your date.
undefinedThe best coordinated outfits of the night.
undefinedOh Mackenzie- I LOVE this dress! It is so you.
undefinedI can’t say how much I love these girls. They are best role models for younger girls.
undefinedCourtney your eyes just sparkle! But I think Johnny is a little confused in the back.
undefinedNow Johnny and Cole – what are you doing with that giant pearl?
undefinedHummmmmm – I think I was just saying you are good kids!
undefinedNot sure what to say about this picture.  LOL

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