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Engagement | Nicole and Mark

We had a little bit of a bad boy theme going on this engagement session- it was full of guitar and motorcycle pictures.  But there is nothing “bad boy” about Mark and Nicole.  They are two of the nicest and most genuine people I know.  Nicole is from the town I live in now and Mark is from my home town of Bartlett.  We have a lot in common – and I really can’t wait for their wedding in October 2011.

undefinedNicole is the easiest person to take pictures of – her smile is so warm and natural.
undefinedI love the vintage style of her engagement ring.
undefinedMark is teaching Nicole to play the guitar. I hope he plays for her at the wedding!
undefinedThis is just a great natural relaxed picture of Mark.
undefinedReady to ride.
undefinedMy favorite color is chrome.

undefinedI just love this picture. The beginning of spring in Nebraska.
undefinedThe wide open roads of Nebraska.

undefinedReady to get married.

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