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Children | Haley

Sessions like these make me remember why I have the best hobby in the world.  When I drove up to the park and got out of my car I could see Haley’s Mom getting her out of the car.  I see the sparkle in Haley’s eyes. She is not excited that a photographer has arrived, she is excited because she is at the park- with her Mom!  Haley makes me giggle- as I remember these sweat little moments when my kids were younger.  As another photographer has said “It is one of those moments that brings healing in an unexpected way…feeling happy,  knowing I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing on that day, in that moment.  God is so real, and right now in my life I am experiencing His divinely orchestrated, unmistakable blessing.” (Amy Wentzel)

This little 18month old was adorable. You have seen her on my blog before.

Bethanne - Thanks for posting these pics Angie! We are so happy with the job you did with this pictures! Can’t wait to get them in our picture frames!

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