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It is a great month for my for digital scrapbook pages getting
published.  I have 3 layouts in magazines this month.  I have
just uploaded them to my Scrapbook pages
in this blog.   I am very proud of them.  Especially the
one just released in Memory Makers, “Creative Scrapbooking with your
Computer”.  I have a few coming out in July….. I can’t wait!!!

We went to a roping get together last night.  My kids and
husband love rodeo.  It was a nice evening.  But I am so
tired today because I stayed out to late.  This summer is just
killing me.  I have something on every night of the week, and with
my full time job it is getting very hard for me to keep up.   

I took this picture of my daughter and my God child, Talon.  He is such a cutie!!!


Trip to Washington DC

Last week I went to
Washington DC on a business trip.  My family did want to go on
this trip with me.  I did enjoy the trip (even without
them).  I took one day and just walked around the mall.  It
took me about 5 hours to walk from museum to museum.  I spent a
lot of time in the Art History Museum.  This was the place my kids
did not want to visit last year when they went with me. 

On Monday morning
before my meeting started I decided to jog around the mall.  I
left my hotel at 6am and I took me a little under 1 hour to jog the 4
or 5 miles.  It was just beautiful.  Since it was so early in
the morning there were very little tourists; when I reached the Lincoln
Memorial it was empty (there are usually about 50-100 people around it
during the day).  I so wished I had my camera (but it is a little
hard to jog with a camera)

I set up a tour of
the Capital Building with Congressman Osborne’s office (yes, the former
Tom Osborne of the Nebraska Husker Football team).  It was
originally planned for me to tour the Capital with a group of 10 high
school students, but they did not show up.  So I was able to tour
it with Osborne’s assistant, Sarah.  It was so nice to have a one
on one tour. 

I was able to meet
with our Nebraska Senators to discuss some compounding pharmacy
issues.  Both Senator Ben Nelson and Senator Chuck Hagel were very
nice and both said they would write letters to the FDA for me.  I
have attached pictures of my visit with them.  I was not as
nervous this year with my visit to their offices.  They were very
nice and remembered my visit from last year. 

Right now I am not interested in politics, but someday when my family is all grown up it would be a fun challenge.

2005_06_senator_hagle_2 2005_06_senator_nelson_ne_cmps

June 27, 2005 - 2:25 pm

Paula - How fun (it is neat to learn some stuff about you). I LOVE DC. My
husband works from home for a company in DC. He loves it when they
bring him up for a business meeting (which they do about 4 times a
year). I was able to go with him when our first dd was only 8 months
old. She loved it, especially the JEWELS . I love the fact that
everything was FREE and there was so much to see (our our nations
history and heritage). My husband STILL has not see all there is to see
in every museum (and silly guy hasn’t even bee to the DC Zoo yet). But
he loves spending his evenings and Saturdays walking through all the
museums (his favorite was the special SPY exhibit they had one year he
went up).

I went to a paper crop party.

I went to a paper crop party tonight.  My first ever.  I
thought about taking my laptop computer but thought that may be a
little rude.  Especially since it was hosted by Creative
Memories.  They were real nice to me, but had no idea what digital
scrapping was.  I plan to take my super cool digital albums next
month to another crop party to show off my work. 

I did buy a few supplies.  I just received a box full of paper
scrapping supplies from Memory Makers, for being published in their
“Our Favorites” special issue.  I have no idea how to use paper
scrapping supplies.  So I did learn some things tonight.  We
practiced making a few pages.  They all thought I was funny when I
asked where the spell checker was!!!  A few looked at me with a
confused face.  I guess they are not a computer geek like

Off to bed——

January 10, 2009 - 6:52 pm

RutgersAlum - LOL about the digiscrapper being kind of like a fish out of water at a
paper crop party. I had a similar experience @ a CM party a few months
ago. I made a paper page, and I may actually finish the album one day.

Back from a few days off.

We traveled to South Dakota for a few days (June 15th-19th). 
We had such a great time.  I do not think I will ever get all the
pictures scrapped.  I think I took over 300 pictures.  The
kids were wonderful the entire trip.  Cade turned 8 while we were
there.  We bought an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen in Rapid City
and enjoyed it at the hotel room.  After the cake the kids then
all enjoyed the 135ft slide at the pool in the Ramada hotel we stayed

We had a few busy days.  The first day we went to Reptile
Gardens, Bear Country, Go-Cart Ranch and Alpine Slides.  The
second day we went to the Maze.  That is one place I do not think
we will go back to.  The maze took us about 1 hour to get
through.  But it was fun.  We stayed at Deadwood that

More later…… I need to get back to work.Cade_8th_birthday_angie

June 27, 2005 - 2:18 pm

Paula - You forgot to mention Mt. Rushmore. Did you get to go? 😀 What a nice
site! And such beautiful kids (but then again, I already knew that from
your LO at DSP).

M o r e   i n f o