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A look into my past.

This is a the view from my parents back yard on Thanksgiving day.  They built this home 14 years ago, I grew up in the homestead which is barely visible towards the back of this photo. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in Nebraska.


My brother and sister-in-law live in the house I grew up in. They have raised their 4 children in this house. I love going back to this ranch. It is located on the edge of the Nebraska sandhills (affectionately call the gateway to the sandhills). My Dad is a very proud rancher. When I was growing up we always had Herefords cattle and I was brainwashed to think the Hereford meat was the best. I still love a good Hereford steak. Guess what was standing right outside Dad’s back door….

003_2008_11_27_thanksgiving …. a Hereford bull.

On Thanksgiving Day my family was the first to arrive so I helped a little with the meal preparation. My Mom had the majority of it prepared, and as always it was delicious.  Take a look at my favorite pan in my Mom’s kitchen…
This pan has been around longer than me. Check out the top lid- I remember my Dad replacing the handle when I was little. When I was little I used this pan to pop popcorn in. I would add oil to the bottom and pop away. We would eat popcorn as our family meal every Sunday night.  I may have to fight my brother and sister for this pan some day. They also have fond memories of foods cooked with this pan.

Apparently George grabbed my camera when I was helping Mom in the Kitchen. That is me guarding over my favorite pan.

The rewards of all my Mom’s hard work.  Yummy!  From left to right- my Mom, George, and twins Matt and Michelle (now in college).

It was a day to be Thankful for!

November 29, 2008 - 10:36 pm

Janelle - Looks like a great holiday at home. Yes, I’d get that pan if I were you.

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