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NO!! You can’t let me down now……

NO! You can’t let me down now. You have treated me so well for
years. I have had you be my side every day, we have shared so many
emotions together- happiness, tears, excitement. We have been together
at weddings, graduations, track meets, basketball games. You were with
me when I won the Nebraska State fair last year with my tulip picture.
My kids love you as much as I do. You travel so well. You have been
with me to Cabo, Mexico, San Francisco, Houston, Washington DC, Philly,
Chicago, Los Vegas, Denver, Black Hill of South Dakota, Branson MO. I
really can’t imagine my life without you. 

I know you have been giving me signs all summer that it was time. I
tried to baby you, I kept you charged, I cleaned your sensors, I
protected you from heat and dust. But you kept giving me the “FFB”
syndrome all summer. (First frame black). And yesterday you just died.

But the good news is, I bought you 3 years ago from Best Buy and I
bought the extended 4 year warranty. So I am taking your limp, lifeless
body to Omaha today to see if we can resuscitate you back to your
glorious self. But the geek squad does not know that Minolta does not
make cameras any more and my poor Minolta 7D will not be well accepted
at the manufacturer for repairs. Maybe they will feel sorry for me and
replace you with a new Sony alpha. I need you! We need to be together
on the 4th of August to be the photographer of a big wedding.

I fly to Chicago tomorrow morning at 6am. It will be so said to leave my dear friend behind at Best Buy. 🙁

July 19, 2007 - 12:01 pm

Samara - Ahhhh

RIP dear Minolta.

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