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Wendy will be missed….

Today was a sad day for our small community.  A friend, a mother, a wife, was buried today in our town cemetery. Wendy was 42 years old.  She was a mother of two children- Clinton age 14 and Darci age 10.  Wendy worked during the day at the hospital in medical records- this is where I met her 15 years ago.  And then in the evenings and weekends she was a rancher with her husband Rod. Our paths crossed often- Clinton is a wrestler just like my middle boy. And we always seemed to go to the same pee-wee wrestling matches. And then both Clinton and Darci are in 4-H. We usually spent a week together in August- sweating in the heat as we watched our kids compete.

When Wendy came into my pharmacy she would always have great questions on how to best take care of her kids. These encounters with Wendy were always brief- she and I always had something pulling us away. Now I wish we would have taken more time chatting. I will miss these short encounters with her.

My last memory of Wendy was at our county fair several weeks ago- we were both waiting for our kids to go through the sale ring.  My daughter and Darci decided to go play. I look over and there is Wendy with Darci’s 4-H calf in the wash rack- she had the biggest smile on her face- I could tell she was enjoying the time with the calf,  she was happy to let Darci play with her friends. This was so true to Wendy’s personality.

I then helped her with her camera. We worked with it to make sure she would get good pictures of her kids.  I now wish I would have grabbed her camera and taken a few pictures of her. It would have been so nice for Rod and the kids to have them now.

The funeral was so full of emotion. Friends and family were asked to tell stories about Wendy. I enjoyed hearing about her childhood and her interactions with her brother (also a friend of ours). A day like today makes you reflect on your own life. What stories will be told about me? Will my family find pictures of me to share on a slideshow? Will my brother and sister try to embarrass me even then (we have so much fun laughing together)? How will my friends from far away (friends that my husband has never met)  know about my funeral? What songs would I like to hear at my ceremony. What will happen to my phone and all the messages I get? How will my co-workers at Good Life Pharmacy get into all the computers that I locked down? How will my husband get into our personal online banking?  LOL  I hold all the passwords in my head. I guess I need to find a safe place to store these – just in case.

These are silly things to think about. But after a emotional day like today- it is good to be “Open and Honest” just like the title reads on my blog.

I am sure Wendy did not plan her funeral- but I think it turned out just as  she would have planned it.   It really was a special celebration of her wonderful short life. You will be missed Wendy.

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