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Voice mail messages- GONE from Verizon.

My babies are growing up. We were stubborn and did not let the oldest of our three kids get a cell phone until he was in 7th grade.  I remember him being one of the few out of 40 kids that did not have a phone. He is now a freshman in high school and has gone through three phones. LOL  His latest being the Droid smart phone.

Verizon sent out a notice that all voice mail boxes would be updated this past week.  So I decided to record the outgoing messages of all my kids. I really enjoyed listening to Cole’s voice.  He sounds so young (I guess he was).  Now his voice is much deeper and more manly. 🙂  I am really glad I saved this… some day this will be fun to play to  his friends.

Cole’s Voice Mail – age 13 (7th grade)

My middle child was a little more lucky and received his phone in 5th grade.  We bought it when he traveled with the High School Varsity Wrestling team to the state tournament last year. Since we were not traveling with him we decided it was time for him to get one.  He hardly ever has it on him. But I have noticed he does get a ton of text messages….  (mostly from girls). He voice has not changed yet and still sounds the same as this recording.

Cade’s Voice Mail- age 11 (5th grade)

My youngest was the luckiest and received her phone on her 10th birthday last year. She did use it a lot for about 6 months and now just takes it along when she knows she will be away from me. She has the least use of texting of all three kids.  I am sure this will change over the next few years.

Cora’s Voice Mail – age 10 (4th grade)

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