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A true saddle bronc rider…..

I just posted a family photo session on my photography blog.  The photo session is of  very good long time friends Cindy, JW and girls.  We have known and went to rodeos with them for over 20 years.  Jay is an old PRCA saddle bronc rider. He was very good in his day…. ok he would probably argue he is STILL pretty good.  You know how it is- cowboys never admit they are aging.  Now I can get by saying that because I am married to one. 🙂

During the photo session- Cindy asked that I get some nice family shots. After we finished with the family photos- I then wanted some of just Jay, Cindy and the girls individually. Jay put up a little fight over this. But I convinced him- ok- I forced him to play along.  I asked him to sit down by a log on the beach in a comfortable manly way…. and this is how he plopped down.  JUST LIKE A SADDLE BRONC RIDER!  Look he even has his toes pointed out.

Goes to show you- you just can’t take the bronc rider out of a cowboy.

Love ya Jay!  You know I am just getting back at you for all the trouble you got me into over the years.

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