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The only Halloween visitors we had at our house.

We live in the country. About 2 miles outside of our little town. And in the 14 years we have lived here we have never had a trick or treater show up. But every year I buy candy- get ready for the masses to show up. And then end up eating all the candy myself. 🙁

This year was different. First I must tell you that the boys (Von, Cole, Cade and Grandpa Svoboda) all traveled to Vegas to watch the Professional Bull Riding Finals over this past weekend.  They left poor Cora and me all to ourselves. To watch over our little ranch and all the critters.

So Friday night (the night before Halloween) Cora and I went to bed at 10:30pm and around 11:30pm the door bell rang. I am a little nervous about answering it (OK not a little nervous- I was scared!). I sneak out to try to get a look who is standing at the door.  You can only imagine how funny it was to look out and see two super hero’s standing at my door- in the pitch dark.  I could hear them saying- “Don’t worry ma’am we are super heros- we will protect you”

Of course how could I not open the door after hearing that statement.  I just happens that my niece and her husband, my nephew and his wife and three more of their friends decided to trick or treat our house.  But there were not after candy!  They wanted beer.  So I got them a few beers and they were off to the bars.

Oh- to be young again!  (and that HOT!)


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