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Amazing video on You Tube…

The community of Ord and surrounding communities have benefited from a energetic and forward thinking new Chamber of Commerce director. He has opened the eyes to many of our small town business owners to the powers of social media. A community that has been somewhat sheltered away for many years. I see a bright future for Ord, silently directed from this person. I don’t see him as a power hungry individual- I see him as a team player who is always looking for ways to improve our small rural community. Great job Caleb!

This video was posted on a blog he has started for our community. It is a wonderful video- but it will not be to earth shattering for those of you that read my blog. If you are reading my blog- you already are one of those who it in touch with social media!! I commend you for that! You are a forward looking person. 🙂

Just a little bit about social media- that video I posted a few days ago- the Husker Fly-over video- it has over 3000 hits on You Tube.  Wow! How does that happen?

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