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How The Insurance Industry Discriminates Against Women

How The Insurance Industry Discriminates Against Women. Yes I am still frustrated with Blue Cross Blue Sheild.  I have not pre-existing illnesses, no history of c-section and yet they do not want to allow me on a healthy family plan. I am the “poster child” (or “poster women”) for all women over 40. I exercise daily, […]

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Health Insurance…. a pain in my backside!

As a pharmacist I work with insurance companies every day. Not just every day, but every minutes during the work day. During my work day I am typically seen working with a phone on my ear, talking with some non-health care individual trying to get claims to go through for my patients.  I am usually […]

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Love this video- it is a must to view.

Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will Ferrell As a pharmacist I fight insurance all day long. I fight for patient right- and get extremely frustrated with insurance companies lack of compassion for the patient. Just the other day- I was on the phone for over 30minutes trying to get a new infant baby formula approved […]

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A day in the life of a pharmacist….

Ok this was just to funny not to post… Hard to Swallow from Michelle lang on Vimeo. I got this from one of my favorite blog reads- Your pharmacist May Hate You.  I think this video series has real potential.   For some reason I see parts of me in the mean old pharmacist. 🙁 We […]

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Saying Goodbye to a good friend- Cathy Scott

Today was a very sad day. I went to the funeral of a good friend- the wife of my business partner. I had only known Cathy for 14 short years, but it feels like I have known her my entire life. Ray and Cathy are Cora’s god parents.  Cora will really miss Cathy.  She was […]

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